The Fundamentals of Making Bonsai Revealed

The fundamentals of making bonsai revealed

The know-how alone is not enough to successfully do bonsai creation in your garden but you will need to know some basic steps;

Choosing the right species of tree: Let’s say, it’s more important that you do select the right species of tree or plants you decide to convert into bonsai, especially in accordance with the geography of the area. You know some plants would shed leaves in the winter season and are able;e to protect themselves and others could no way stand by the freeze. Yet again there are some plants that require plenty of water in summer and some surprisingly are heat hardy. So it’s very important your choice for bonsai suits your area.

Choosing the right size: No one can just define the size of a Bonsai. It is purely the discretion of the creator himself. However, it’s advisable that you zero in on the size you would like and then go ahead with the selection of the plant. A bonsai is normally from miniature ie 6 inches tall to a large size ie somewhere around 3 ft tall.

The fundamentals of making bonsai revealed

Choose the right tree: When you have decided on the kind and size of the bonsai you would like to create, you may better walk into a nursery or even a plant shop for the next step. Now comes the most important aspect of your art of thinking, just do visualize the plants and choose the plant that matches your creativity. Choosing the right tree is an important thing among the fundamentals of making bonsai. Creativity matters a lot when it comes to gardening. You need to make sure that you select a healthy plant that has a healthy stem and leaves and never opt-in for a plant that has any yellow leaves.

Choose a pot: No big deal, but choose the pot that goes along with the size and style of the plant you have already finalized on. However too small or too big pots not recommended for bonsai though! Either way you go too extreme, you may kill your plant or your idea of creating an illusion of the nature. So it’s important that you strike a balance between and perhaps compromise on pot for the plant after all, what we need to achieve is that the plant should look like a miniature tree in the pot.

However, the pot should be large enough to contain sufficient soil to cover the plant and roots which will lend enough moisture always. Do make sure your pot also has required drainage system.


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