The 5 Best Snow Shovels

best shovel for snow

A tool like a shovel is familiar to everyone. With its help, you can lay paths in the snow mass, clear small areas. Previously, wooden shovels were often used for this purpose, but they weigh more and wear out faster, so now they mainly make plastic models.

Thanks to the use of plastic, the weight of the tool has become smaller, and it is possible to increase the main component — the shovel scoop. The larger it is, the more convenient it is to work and the faster it will be possible to clear the territory. Important: everyone should count on their own strength and buy a shovel with such a grip of snow that it was comfortable to lift. The less it weighs, the easier and faster you will shovel snow. And, of course, the weight depends primarily on the material from which the shovel is made. Stuck snow makes the tool heavier, so choose a shovel with a smooth surface of the scoop.

What to look for when choosing best snow shovel

Best snow shovels should be light, strong and ergonomic, with solid sides, a metal tip, a thickened place of attachment of the handle with a rubber coating.

Engines should be light and with a wide bucket made of reliable material, with runners or wheels for easy sliding, stiffeners and high sides.

Decide before purchasing where and for what you will use the snow shovel.

Tools should be washed and dried immediately after use so that they do not form rust.

This article contains the best snow shovels that are relevant today.

Brand Suncast SC3250 Snow Shovel
Composition Snow shovel with ergonomic “S” handle to reduce stress. Galvanized steel edge. Length 52.5-inches. 18″ W x 12″ H blade. Poly-coated blade. Ribbed steel core handle.


best snow shovels

Brand Garant LPP18VD Yukon Snow Shovel
Composition Scrape away light quantities of snow easily with this Garant shovel. Equipped with a polyethylene blade. Hardwood handle. 18-inch blade.

best snow shovels

Brand Garant NPW18KD Nordic Snow Shovel
Composition Equipped with a flat polyethylene blade. High-quality hardwood handle that is mold resistant. Blade won’t damage or chip driveway. 21-inch polyethylene blade.

best snow shovels

Brand Snow Joe SHOVELUTION Snow Shovel
Composition Wide 18-inch shovel blade. The strain-reducing solution greatly reduces the effort, strain and potential injury involved in shoveling, using the powerful muscles of your upper body to do the lifting and throwing, and sending lifting leverage to the lower hand – to reduce back strain by up to 30%. Ergonomic D-ring handle grips.

best snow shovels

Brand JM Enterprises TV206971 Snow Shovel
Composition Ergonomically designed. High wearing, self-sharpening blades are non-abrasive to surfaces. UHMWPE  Poly blades. Tuffbrace handles Connector. Fiberglass handle. D Style Comfort Grip. Rust-free, bolt-together construction. Available in 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″ widths

best snow shovels

But all varieties are designed for their own cases. The snow that has just fallen will be well removed with a plastic product. And to remove the dense coating of precipitation, you will need a shovel made of steel. For permanent use in everyday life, the option of wood or plastic is suitable. A steel model can become heavy.

best shovel for snow

Important! Despite the perfect coverage of the handle of the product, snow cleaning should be carried out in gloves. This will protect you from wounds and cold. Each tool should be chosen responsibly, taking into account the nature of the work and its own characteristics. Before purchasing best shovel for snow, carefully study the product characteristics: service life, design, and workmanship. Work should be not only comfortable but also a joy.


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