The 5 Best Leaf Rakes Reviewed

type of rakes

Any homeowner knows how important it is in the Arsenal of garden equipment to have a strong, high-quality leaf rake. This tool greatly facilitates the soil treatment process and helps to keep the site clean.

Leaf rakes are indispensable assistant for summer residents and gardeners

There is no decent alternative to such an agricultural tool as a rake. Rakes perform various functions, the main of which are: loosening the soil and cleaning the site from fallen leaves, dry grass, weeds.

The design of the leaf rake is very simple. A crossbar with pointed teeth is mounted on the stalk. Depending on the purpose of the tools, the number of teeth, their length, thickness, material of manufacture and weight of the rake differ.

Different materials are used to create the working part of the rake. Leaf rakes made of painted iron are quite heavy. Many people note that working with such a rake is inconvenient, and the teeth quickly bend and wear out. The advantage of such a tool is its low price.

Leaf rakes made of steel are considered the most high-quality and durable. However, these rakes are quite heavy.

Today, many people prefer to buy light tools that will be very convenient to use. This parameter has a rake, in which the handle and the working part are made of hardened aluminum.

Leaf rakes attachments are also made of particularly strong plastic or plastic – this allows you to further reduce the weight of the equipment.

Top best leaf rake

Brand Corona RK 62060 Aluminum Rake
Composition Designed for efficiency and precision, the Corona RK 62060 Aluminum Rake is a flexible and versatile leaf rake that’s great for quickly and easily raking leaves out of tight corners and narrow gaps between plants.

type of rakes

Aluminum and tempered steel

Size 61 x 8 in

Weight 11.2 oz



Brand The AMES Companies Poly Leaf Rake
Composition The very simple, stripped-down design of the AMES Companies Poly Leaf Rake ensures that this model of leaf rake is easy to use and completely intuitive, with no unnecessary complications.

type of rakes

Hardwood and polypropylene

Size 48 x 24 in

Weight 1 lb


Brand Gonicc Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake
Composition The folding adjustable head of the gonicc Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake grants this leaf rakes an exceptional level of flexibility and versatility, allowing it to clean up everything from wide-open spaces to tight corners with ease.

type of rakes


Size 63 x 22 in (adjustable)

Weight 2.5 lb


Brand Bully Tools 92309 Bow Rake
Composition Simple but effective, the Bully Tools 92309 Bow Rake is one of the more traditional designs of a leaf rake, but its high level of durability makes this a great, long-lasting choice for a wide range of situations.

type of rakes

Steel and fiberglass

Size 58 x 16 in

Weight 3.1 lb


Brand TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II
Composition With rigid, rounded steel tines rather than the flat, flexible plastic tines of most other leaf rakes, the TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II leaf rake is designed for intense, powerful raking action.

type of rakes

Steel and fiberglass

Size 55 x 21 in

Weight 1.03 lb



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