Ready Your Garden for the Summer

Ready Your Garden for the Summer

Readying your garden for the summer is something to look forward to as the last vestige of the cooler seasons will be replaced with the warmth of the sun. This is the perfect time to make your garden more inviting so that you and your family and even guests can have a great spot to hang out during the summer months.

What should you do to make your garden ready for the summer? Here are some ideas that are worth doing.

  • Ready the Flower Beds – Summer is the perfect time to have some flowers in the garden so before the season rolls in, you should prepare the flower beds by adding compost to enrich the soil.
  • Pest Control – Clearing pests from your garden such as aphids is a must. If you see any leaves that are starting to curl especially the fresh ones, you have an aphid problem. Wash the leaves regularly using soap or horticultural oil to get rid of the aphids.
  • Prune Plants – If you have any hedges on your property, you should start pruning them. This helps them to grow stronger and follow a shape that you prefer.
  • Start Planting – You should find out what kinds of plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers are ideal for your location. Ask your local gardener if they have any suggestions for the summer so you can start planting them before summer.
  • Maintain Your Lawn – A well-maintained lawn adds beauty to your space and one way to do this is to use a lawn mower to trim the grass and remove any weeds that have popped up. Add fertilizer to your lawn to make it richer for the grass to grow.
  • Plan Your Irrigation System – Before the summer season comes, you should already plan on how you will keep your plants properly watered. You should also consider the possibility of drought which means you need to have an alternative watering system in case of emergencies.

There are other ways for you to prepare your garden for the summer like adding furniture such as tables and chairs so you can have a place to sit down and enjoy the cool breeze. You can add a pool or a mini bar so you can have a great party outdoors come the summer season. Adding lights on trees or tables like candles and lamps can set the mood at night so they are worth considering too when preparing your garden.


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