How to Grow Peonies

Growing Peonies

Growing peonies in your own yard is a great experience especially when you get to see them bloom profusely. Peonies are perennials and you can expect them to live longer than you provided that they have been planted correctly. Aside from providing you with beautiful blooms, peonies can be considered as hardy plants since they can withstand the harshest of winters and the blazing summer sun. They are low maintenance as well which is ideal for homeowners who are quite occupied around the house.

Growing Peonies Growing Peonies

Growing Peonies

  • Choose soil that is fertile and rich in humus. The pH levels of the soil should be neutral.
  • Add organic material to the hole where you will plant your peonies as this will help your soil to become fertile.
  • Choose a spot where the peonies can get plenty of sunshine but away from areas where they won’t be disturbed by strong winds. Make sure that your peonies are planted away from other plants and trees so they can grow better.
  • When buying peonies, choose the bareroot kind that has three to five eyes.
  • The best time to plant peonies is during the fall season. September to October are the perfect months to plant your peonies and if you are living in the South, the later months will be great too.
  • When planting peonies make sure that they are planted before the hard frost. Summer time isn’t really a good time to grow peonies as they bloom much later.
  • The hole should be big enough and deep enough for the peonies. See to it that it drains properly too to avoid root rot. If the type of soil that you have is a bit sandy or heavy incorporate compost to enrich it.
  • Place the root in such a way that the eyes of the peonies are positioned facing upward. This means that the roots should be planted about 2 inches deep.
  • Backfill the hole after planting your peonies while making sure that the soil doesn’t settle much that it will cause the roots of your peonies to be buried more than 2 inches.
  • Water the soil thoroughly afterwards.
  • Growing Peonies

Once you’ve properly planted your peonies, see to that they get ample water supply so they can thrive. Fertilize your soil once a year depending on the pH levels and composition of your soil so that your peonies can bloom regularly. You can plant your peonies along your driveway or garden walkways for a more interesting look.

Growing Peonies


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