How To Create a Container Garden

How to create a container garden

There are many reasons why you may need or want to have a container garden at home. They are a fantastic way to grow flowers or even vegetables. If you have a small backyard, terrace or balcony then a container garden is ideal for you. Once the containers are filled, they are very easy to maintain, and you will have the pleasure of them for years.

Often people are restricted with space they have at home if the outside space is small. This can mean you find it difficult to plant what you want. With container gardens, you can plant a wide selection of vegetables, flowers and shrubs. Older people and people with disabilities love having container gardens, as they are easier to maintain and there is no bending over to dig. Container gardens are a fantastic way to grow a vast selection of plants in a very small space. As you control every aspect of the growing process, including the temperature and moisture, you will find that the vegetables and flowers will grow for longer.

How to create a container garden

The first thing to consider is the amount of space you have for your containers, the larger the better but this is not always possible. The containers will need to be big enough for the roots to grow healthily; they will also need to have good drainage. If the containers do not come with drainage holes then you will need to make some in the base. Most containers are made from either wood or ceramic, but there are many other materials available. Whatever you decide they need to be sturdy enough not to fall apart when they get wet, or if they have to be moved. Some people like to have very unusual containers and will use wheelbarrows, watering cans or even old toilets as potting containers. The unusual ones do make for a conversation point when visitors arrive.

How to create a container garden

Considering the amount of sunlight your containers will receive is important, certain plants will need less sunlight than others. Ensure you place your containers on a flat area for even watering. You will then need to fill your containers with soil. Always try to use a combination of peat and manure. This mixture will allow the plants in your containers to have the best start; the soil will be rich and perfect to grow plants and vegetables in. Once you are ready to plant, choose your plants and vegetables wisely, do not over fill the containers as the plants will struggle for space. Ensure you pick easy to grow plants and vegetables until your confidence grows and then you can progress to more complicated plants and more containers. Container gardens do dry out quickly and will need regular watering and keeping an eye on insects that may take a fancy to your plants.

Once your containers are in place, and your plants are established they will look fantastic for years to come. Every year you can add to the containers, then simply sit back and enjoy them. Modern gardeners are returning to older traditions to grow plants and vegetables, and container gardens are a simple way to do this. With very little space you can achieve great results.


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