How to Build a Boulder Bench

How to Build a Boulder Bench

Boulders are the easiest construction rock to work with. They’re as rustic as they come so it does not require to be smoothed.  The more worn and stone age it looks, the better it fits the outdoors.  They can be used as an accent in a garden, just letting it sit and collect moss in the middle of a green lush.  They can be the stars of a rock garden surrounded by smaller gravel or white shiny river rocks.  They can be carved to become ancient stone heads.  The best use to a big rock is to convert it into a boulder bench.  It won’t disrupt your landscape theme and it’s maintenance-free.

How to Build a Boulder Bench

What You Need:

–          Two boulders of the same height

–          2 pieces of 4-foot planks, one inch thick and 10-12 inches wide

–          4 pieces 8-inch bolts

–          Driller

–          Sand paper

–          Paint for outdoor furniture and paintbrush

–          A pencil or a marker

–          A chisel (optional)

–          Epoxy or construction adhesive

Step 1:  Sand the pieces of wood well.  Paint them and let them dry.  Apply a second coating afterwards.

Step 2:  Set the distance between boulders. Remember that they’re heavy so they can’t be moved after you’ve set them.  Since the plank is 4-feet long, set a smaller distance between the boulders.  You can get the right distance by laying the lumber on the rocks.

Step 3: While you’ve got the wood on the rocks, trace the edge of the plank on the boulder.  You may need to chisel out some of the bumps to make a flatter top.

Step 4:  Place the two planks on top of each other and place them on the boulders so you can start drilling the holes for the bolts.  Penetrate the drill enough to touch the stone surface and then stop to remove the pieces of wood.  Once you’ve removed it, you can clearly see where you’ve marked the screw holes.  Continue drilling 8-inch deep holes on both boulders.

How to Build a Boulder Bench

Step 5:  Fill the holes with a good amount of adhesive.  You have to work quickly or the adhesive dries. Place the two planks on the boulders and secure it with the bolts.

You can also use a slab of concrete as the seat on your boulders but they need better reinforcing than just screws.  Wood is easier to work with and they can easily be replaced when they’ve worn out.


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