Getting Bonsai Seeds

Getting Bonsai Seeds

Many people don’t understand that the wonder of nature isn’t open to ‘outdoorsy’ people alone. With very much caution and persistence, huge versions of trees could be designed to fit your small back garden or your living area. Impossible? Of course not really.

Bonsai (produced from the Japanese phrase ‘bonsai’ meaning planted in a container) is carefully pruned and trained to appear to be a much smaller version of its larger counterparts. To get bonsai trees is sufficient, but to develop one from scratch is normally another thing. Looking after bonsai trees from its seedling condition is a lot more fulfilling as it is possible to start to see the plant sprout and develop to its complete beauty.

Many bonsai seeds can be purchased from the marketplace nowadays, it is not surprising that sometimes e-bay have them. Additionally, there are other websites offering the seeds at an extremely good deal, some for only $2. Types of seeds that are offered for buying are: The Sacred Japanese Cedar, The Pyramid Chinese Juniper, Incense Cedar, Monkey Pod Rainfall Tree, Amur Maple, Monkeybread Tree, amongst others.

Getting Bonsai Seeds







The ‘how’ part in taking the bonsai seed and preparing it for germination is easy but could possibly be tedious therefore the owner should exhibit very much patience. In the beginning, it is vital that the freshest seeds are used because this will determine the achievement of the germination. You could attempt doing this experiment in the home:

  1. Soak the new seeds and wrap them in paper towels which might also be covered in plastic material. Don’t worry approximately oxygen since it is thought that germination will start even in the lack of oxygen.
  2. Maintain carefully the temperature of the covered seeds at a uniform seventy degrees for approximately 10-14 days. With very much caution over the temperature, it must be able to germinate.
  3. In case it generally does not, put the covered seeds within your fridge for 3 whole months. Make sure to check it weekly. Weekly in the fridge should present signs of germination.
  4. If after 90 days no germination occurs, take the wrapper out and hold it today at a 70 level temperature. This will be able to create a sprout in 1-2 weeks. If non-e displays, maintain it at the 70 degree heat range for three more a few months.
  5. If the experiment beyond your fridge produces nothing at all, put it back and do the same method before seeds sprout or until they rot.

The rewards of keeping a bonsai plant are numerous but as always, when very much is expected, much can be required.


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