French marigolds

french marigolds

French marigolds – erect or branched, forming Bush with a height from 20 cm to 130 cm Root system – fibrous, leaves pinnately parted, or pinnatisect, opposite or alternate, leaf color from light green to dark green. Flower baskets in different shades of yellow, brown and orange. The median flowers are tubular, bisexual, marginal-false-lingual, five stamens. The pistil has two stigmas, the flower ovary. French marigolds bloom very profusely from June until the first frosts. The fruit is a linear achene. French marigold seeds give abundant self-seeding and retain germination for 3-4 years. Strong spicy smell exudes not so flowers, as leaves of marigolds.

Growing French marigolds flowers from seed

Planting marigolds is not difficult even for a beginner, because these flowers are completely unpretentious. You can dig a ready-made flowering Bush, and it will almost certainly take and will please you with a long flowering. And you can easily sow seeds directly in the open ground. This should be done in May when the soil warms up sufficiently. Make a furrow about 5 cm deep with a hoe, pour water over it, sow seeds in the furrow and sprinkle them with the earth. After a couple of weeks, sprouts will appear, and if they grow too thick, plant them.

french marigolds

But for those who are not looking for easy ways and are ready to test themselves as a breeder, we will tell you how to sow marigolds, how to grow marigolds from seedlings, how to get marigolds from seeds and when to plant marigolds on seedlings.

Preparation of seed garlic for planting

French marigolds flowers seeds are purchased only for the first planting because at the end of flowering, you can easily get seeds from your faded marigolds. You only need to allow a few inflorescences to dry well right on the Bush and, if there is no rain, you can easily extract the ripe seeds from the Cup, dry them and save them until spring sowing. Just remember that almost all marigolds existing in the culture are hybrids, which means that every fourth seedling does not retain varietal properties and can inherit either paternal or maternal characteristics.

Many gardeners planting marigolds on seedlings is carried out by sprouted seeds. To germinate, spread the seeds on a saucer covered with a damp cloth, place the saucer in a plastic bag and place it in a warm place. In three days, the seeds should hatch.

When to sow marigolds for seedlings

The earlier you sow marigolds for seedlings (even in early spring), the faster they will bloom. If you grow different types, then know that before the others (in mid – March) sow marigolds erect, low-growing marigolds and small-leaved-in early April, and then all three species will bloom in June. Growing marigold seedlings is a simple process, but there are moments that can not be missed. Prepare a mixture of soil: humus, peat, turf, sand (1; 1;1; 0.5)and disinfect by pouring a disinfectant solution of fungicide or dark pink solution of manganese.

french marigolds

Make sure that the bottom of the container has a drainage layer of crushed stone, sand or expanded clay 3 cm high, add fertilizers to the soil (any organic matter other than fresh manure).

At a distance of 1.5-2 cm from each other, make grooves, spread the seeds in them and sprinkle a small layer of soil. You need to water very carefully so that the water does not wash the seeds out of the ground. Containers are kept in a warm place (22-25 ° C) and make sure that the soil does not dry out. Sprouts should appear no later than a week, then the container should be moved to the light and slightly lower the temperature (15-18 ° C).

Planting marigolds

In the open ground, seedlings are planted when the threat of late frosts has passed: marigolds come from warm regions and do not tolerate cold. In addition, you need to wait for the seedlings to form at least 3 leaves and a powerful root system. This usually happens in late May or early June. Marigold soil needs a nutritious, well-hydrated in the first half of summer, loamy and neutral. If the soil is infertile, you will have to carry out fertilizing 2-3 times during the growing season.

french marigolds

The distance between seedlings depends on the type and variety. Tall marigolds are planted every 40 cm, the distance between the rows is also 40 cm (40×40 scheme), medium-sized – according to the scheme 30×30, short-20×20. After planting, there is a need for frequent and abundant watering of marigolds, because despite the fact that they are considered drought-resistant plants, if the marigolds are not watered, they will grow puny, and their inflorescences will be small.

Care for marigolds

Marigold flowers like bright lighting, and although they are well tolerated and penumbra, and even shadow, but they bloom most luxuriantly in the strongest sun. During growth, watering should be sufficient, but as soon as the inflorescences begin to form, watering should be reduced so that moisture does not stagnate: this plants rot and do not bloom. It is not necessary to fertilize the marigolds, but if you feed them, the marigolds will respond with gratitude. It is necessary to feed with complex fertilizers when the seedlings reach a height of 10 cm, then when the first buds appear and, finally, at the very beginning of flowering.

French vanilla marigolds need regular weeding and loosening of the soil, otherwise it is difficult for them to breathe. In summer, if the marigolds have grown, prune to form beautiful bushes. Remove the faded inflorescences, and the plants will bloom even more. The peculiar aroma of marigolds and the phytoncides contained in them serve as protection from fungal diseases not only for the plants themselves, but also for those that grow in the neighborhood. No wonder many flower growers frame the entire garden plot with marigold plantings. But if the summer is too wet, snails and slugs may appear. They can be scared off by the smell of chlorine placed in jars between plants.

french marigolds

Sometimes the leaves and stems still appear gray rot. In this case, the affected plants will have to be destroyed so that they do not infect the other marigolds. In a dry summer, plants can be attacked by spider mites, which will have to be fought by spraying with an infusion of onions, yarrow, red hot pepper. But to avoid this, try to increase the humidity level by spraying water around the marigolds several times a day.

French marigolds after flowering

As a rule, decorative marigolds are annual plants, so after blooming during autumn digging, they are simply pulled out. If you want to grow marigolds next year, collect the seeds, dry them and leave them for storage until the end of March or early February.

french marigolds

Do not throw away the dried inflorescences, they will be useful for you on the farm and in your home first aid kit. For example, if you have to work at the computer for a long time, eat 2-3 small heads of dark marigolds before eating or adding them to a salad.

When Ascaris or pinworms need to eat for a week before bedtime adults-5, and children-2-3 (depending on age) heads of marigolds.

If you throw a bucket of wilted marigolds into a compost pit, there will be no midges around it.

Put a bunch of marigolds on the windowsill and at the front door, and unexpected unkind guests will pass by your house.

french marigolds

And finally, we offer a few recipes that may arouse interest in women:

* Lip balm (to achieve softness): mix 2 tablespoons of crushed marigold heads with 1 tablespoon of apricot oil and 1/3 Cup of olive oil. Infuse the mixture in the dark for a week, then strain, carefully squeezing the raw material. Lubricate your lips as necessary.

  • Lotion for the face. 2 tablespoons of crushed marigold inflorescences pour a glass of boiling water and insist overnight, then strain, squeeze out the remains, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of vodka. Store the lotion in the refrigerator. RUB your face with the infusion three times a day.
  • If the skin is inflamed or irritated, use this remedy: 2 tablespoons of crushed marigold heads, pour one and a half cups of hot water, bring to a boil, then insist 3-4 hours under the lid, strain, squeeze out the raw material, pour in the juice of a large aloe leaf and 2 tablespoons of water. Store the ingredients in the refrigerator. RUB the inflamed areas twice a day.

Marigolds garden benefits

A bed of marigolds is an invaluable home pharmacy: modern scientific research confirms the healing properties of marigolds, known from legends and legends, so growing marigolds not only gives aesthetic pleasure but also brings real benefits to human health. Lutein, for example, which they contain, reduces the likelihood of developing cataracts.

Also, folk medicine treats marigold diabetes and inflammation of the pancreas. Marigolds are medicinal, dried, and then infused, treat stomatitis, bronchitis, asthma and colds, purify the blood. To prepare the infusion, pour a tablespoon of crushed flowers with a liter of boiling water, insist for three hours, then strain and drink a glass half an hour before eating for a month.

french marigolds

Baths with the addition of marigold broth have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieve stress and anxiety, so they are recommended for depression and neurosis. In addition, the peoples of South America have long used marigolds for food and as a seasoning, and for cooking sauces and baking, and for marinades. In the markets of the Caucasus, marigolds are sold as a powder added to pilaf, satsivi, and soups and called by cooks “Imeretian saffron”.

The French grow marigolds on an industrial scale to meet the demands of their gourmets. Marigold leaves included in marinades give canned vegetable elasticity and a pleasant aroma.

And here is a recipe for homemade cookies that you will definitely like: 4 whites whisk into a foam; 2 tablespoons of fresh marigold petals RUB with 100 g of sugar; rubbing 4 tablespoons of butter, gradually add to it 4 yolks, petals with sugar, then 100 g of flour, and then carefully put the whipped whites on top and carefully mix; put the dough on a baking sheet and bake until the cake becomes Golden. Cut the cooled cake into squares.



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