Fast growing house plants

fast growing plants

Fastest growing house plants are always very popular. Plants that grow fast are purchased by novice growers, as such species are easy to grow and you can quickly get a beautiful adult specimen. In addition, the price of these varieties is much lower than for plants that need to be painstakingly grown for years.

Among the fast growing plants, there are many ornamental and decorative-flowering species. They also include succulents, indoor fruit crops, and even orchids.

Fastest growing indoor plants

Decorative leafy species that grow quickly are often used for landscaping. They are much more effective to use than slow-growing species since they transform the interior in a short time.

Among the fast growing house plants, there are the simplest and most common, but there are also very decorative and unusual, striking in the beauty and shape of their leaves. Consider the most common fastest growing indoor plants with photos and their names.


fast growing plants

Tradescantia is a compact herbaceous indoor Liana. It is grown as an ampel plant in pots on shelves or in hanging vases. Tradescantia shoots are up to 60 cm long, forming lush bushes with hanging lashes.

The leaves of the plant are small and have a green color. Some varieties have purple and silver stripes on their leaves. The plant is very unpretentious and forms a decorative Bush for 1-2 months.


fast growing plants

Dieffenbachia is characterized by very fastest growing indoor plants. This plant, under favorable conditions, is able to give a daily increase of up to 5 cm. the Plant has a powerful straight stem with petiolate leaves growing on it. The color of the leaf blades is different in different varieties of dieffenbachia, the leaves are colored in a white-green color scheme. Using pruning, you can get side shoots and form a lush and beautiful Bush.


fast growing plants

Cissus or room grapes – a fast-growing decorative vine. Its shoots can grow more than 1 m in length. There are numerous green leaves on them. The plant can be used both on suspensions and for vertical gardening, as well as for decoration of windows, doorways and arches. Indoor grapes are very shade-tolerant, so they are planted where other indoor plants cannot grow.


fast growing plants

A very common and beautiful plant, characterized by rapid growth. Asparagus forms many long shoots covered with leaves of unusual shape. They can have the appearance of very small and thin straight or Crescent-shaped scales or villi.

The plant blooms with small white flowers, in place of which appear bright red berries. The plant is grown as an ampel species. It is very unpretentious and has a decorative quality. There are several types of asparagus that are suitable for growing in indoor culture. Plants that grow fast.


fast growing plants

Very beautiful look bushes of fast growing plants Coleus. This is a species that produces lateral shoots with very bright and elegant leaves. Depending on the variety, its leaves are light green, yellow, red, and multicolored.

Lush bushes form very quickly. From one cuttings already for 1-1. 5 months, a plant of an ornamental type grows. The Coleus is propagated by cuttings and differs in 100% rooting of cuttings.


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