Different types of tulips

types of tulips

Tulips are one of the most beautiful spring flowers that please the eye with their large, delicate petals and smell nice, so many people want to have such beauty in their own garden.

Tulip-General characteristics and structure of the plant, the origin of the name of the flower. The word was borrowed by Europeans from the Turkish “turban”, or rather from the Ottoman-Persian language, where the word “tülbend” means the fabric from which turbans were made. Probably, this name got because of the incredibly pleasant to the touch petals.

types of tulips

The fact that tulips come from Holland is nothing more than a legend. Despite the fact that flowers are considered one of the most common primroses, and they grow on the territory of all countries of Europe and Asia, the history of plants begins in Persia.

Holland has been the main supplier of types of tulips since the time of Emperor Peter I. Interesting! By the end of the 16th century, more than three hundred different types of tulips were known on the territory of modern Turkey.

At the moment, scientists distinguish 15 types of tulips:

  • early non-mahogany;
  • early Terry;
  • triumph;
  • Darwin hybrids;
  • late non-mahogany;
  • lilac-flowered;
  • fringed;
  • green-flowered;
  • Rembrandt class;
  • parrot;
  • late Terry;
  • Kaufman hybrids;
  • foster hybrids;
  • Greig;
  • species

All of the types of tulips have different heights, flower shapes, color, flowering time and distribution area.

Interesting and different types of tulips below are the most interesting varieties with photos and a brief description.

“Double Flaming Bird”

types of tulips

A plant with lush double flowers that resemble peony buds. Belongs to the later ones. The height of the stem is 40-45 cm. the picture shows “Double Flaming Bird” at the peak of flowering.





types of tulips

Lilac-colored Tulip of double color. The diameter of the Bud is 10 cm, the height of the plant is 55 cm.






“Charming Beauty»

types of tulips

Late-blooming lush Tulip with 18-20 petals in a Bud. Stem height from 45 to 60 cm.






“Blue Parrot»

types of tulips

Parrot Tulip with delicate purple petals, reaches a height of 50 cm. the petals are not double, the wide-open Bud has a diameter of about 15 cm.






“Orange Princess»

types of tulips

Bright orange slightly flattened buds of this variety reach 8 cm in diameter. The petals have a slightly elongated, pointed shape. Plant height from 45 to 50 cm.




“Black Parrot»

types of tulips

Parrot Tulip with double maroon petals. The diameter of the Bud is 20 cm on average, and the slender leg reaches a height of 50 cm.




types of tulips

is a Dwarf plant with thin sharp leaves. The Bud has 10 to 15 petals, and the height is no more than 15 cm.







types of tulips

“Esperanto” late-Blooming green-red flower grows to an average of 40 cm in height. The red petals have neat green streaks and an uneven edge.




“Paul Scherer”

types of tulips

“Paul Scherer” black Tulip class Triumph is the darkest of all species that now exist. Especially the dark look of the flower petals. Reaches 30 cm in height, flowering period-may.




types of tulips

Wild steppe Tulip, listed in the Red book, grows in the steppes of the European part of the continent. It has pointed petals and reaches 40 cm in height.




types of tulips


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