Best Splitting Maul

best wood splitting maul

When choosing the best splitting maul the very first point is the purpose of its use, this will depend on a number of parameters that need to be taken into account when buying.

You need to find out what shape and size the blade should be, as well as the angle of its sharpening.

The best maul for splitting wood also varies in length and material of manufacture.

It is made of plastic, wood, fiberglass, rubber or metal.

The best maul for splitting wood should be comfortable to hold in your hand.

If the use of weapons is planned from time to time, the best option is to purchase a cover for the best splitting maul.

The material used to make the handle determines the service life and ease of operation.

When choosing a wooden stalk, it is better to look at birch or ash: they are the most durable.

Best splitting maul reviews


Brand Fiskars X27 Splitting Axe
Composition – Dimensions range from 17 to 36 inches

– Lifetime service warranty

– Virtually unbreakable

The great aspect of the Fiskar X27 is that the deal with is indestructible. We have actually listened to accounts of pickup running over the X27 as well as leaving it whole!

best wood splitting maul

Like most dividing mauls, it features a much more raised blade at the pointer. Most top quality splitting mauls have this style and the Fiskars is no various.

I obtained ta say, I’m far more pleased by a solid wood deal with than hollow plastic one. However, for me, the Fiskars are still strong which damages our way of thinking.

Even so, the maul really feels great as well as heavy being used, and also while the head isn’t that heavy, it’s simply sufficient to give you a suitable opportunity of a

“one strike” cut. While in the subject of cuts, it does handle to finish the majority of logs, also knot filled and also awful ones.

Weight 5.85 lbs

Material – Steel/Plastic Handle


Brand Helko Werk Splitting Maul
Composition – Blade produced from C45 quality stainless steel

– Swiss made American Hickory handle

– Rounded, one-piece deal with shaped ergonomically

– Natural leather sheath, made in the USA from cowhide natural leather

The Helko is a wonderfully made, wooden managed splitter that’s manufactured in Germany. While it’s most likely not “pickup evidence” in the same way as the Fiskars, it’s still a dazzling item of workmanship to look at.

best wood splitting maul

The first thing to learn about the Helko, is simply just how much of an appeal it is! It’s very well balanced with a heavy 6-pound head, almost best for log splitting.

I handled several one strike cuts with the Helko, and also as the head blade is both convex and also heavy, I constantly felt great I would certainly have a suitable opportunity of making it through even hard logs conveniently.

When it comes to the handle, it’s excellent! Made from a solitary piece of American Hickory that’s been curved to give that traditional splitting maul appearance, it really feels wonderful in the hand. If you’re intending on doing a lot of chopping, this is possibly the maul you want at hand.

Weight 8.5 lbs

Material – C45 HCS/Wooden Handle


Brand Fiskars Iso Core Maul
Composition – 36-inch steel/polymer deal with

– 8-pound convex head wedged to permit excellent cuts

– Lifetime guarantee

– IsoCore anti-shock system

Another splitting trample from Fiskars, this time around it has a complete 35-inch manage plus a much bigger head, weighing in at 8 pounds.

best wood splitting maul

As you would certainly expect from Fiskars, the top quality is right up there and this whip comes with some great features.

If the X27 is the lower side of the Fiskars range, then the ISO 36 is at the greater end. Every little thing below gets a strong upgrade, from the better layout of deal with, higher quality head and also an extra strong feeling.

You can really feel the quality of the layout while using it. The head is nice and heavy, which offers you self-confidence when trying to take a one strike cut. The IsoCore shock control seems like a gimmick theoretically, being used it actually does moisten resonances from reaching your body. For any person who has used a less costly steel splitting maul that creates a moderate variation of “resonance white finger”, you’ll know exactly what I suggest.

The Fiskars ISO 36 really does stop this from happening, even more so than the X27.

If you’re looking to get away from wood mauls, yet want to maintain a few of timbers all-natural shock soaking up propensities, the ISO 36 is not a negative maul to acquire.

Weight 10.3 lbs

Material – Steel/Plastic Handle


Brand Estwing Fireside Friend Axe
Composition – 4-pound head

– Nylon shock taking in manage

– Cold steel blade

– A solid long-lasting steel

I know what you’re thinking, “this isn’t a trample”. Yes, that holds true, yet we felt it deserved consisting of a smaller outdoor camping splitting maul for those who require to keep their maul when on the move.

best wood splitting maul

The Estwing took care of to cram incomparable features to the Fiskars over, yet in a smaller and also more affordable bundle.

The little Estwing can not intend to take on several of the other mauls examined. It does nevertheless perform fairly well, functioning as a splitting whip as well as a general chopping best wood splitting maul

The head is a half-way house between a true, wedged splitting style, and a much sharper cutting blade. This jack of all professions layout type of works, yet by attempting to be all points to all guys it truly ends up doing both works “alright sufficient”.

Whether you pick the Estwing truly boils down to a room. Be advised though, this whip is a compromise in every way. Nonetheless, if you are camping, it’s the perfect compromise.

Weight 4.0 lbs

Material – Steel/Rubber Grip


Brand Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul
Composition – One piece

– 20-Year Warranty

– Made in Sweden

– Natural leather holster, made from veggie tanned leather

Great! We reach examine an additional solid top quality wood trample with a wonderfully weighted head (8 pounds). This splitting whip offers one-piece wooden take care of, incredible quality convex reducing blade, plus it additionally has the second heaviest head in our review.

best wood splitting maul

Something we can not deny with the Gransfors is the sheer top quality of the tool. The deal with is even much better quality than the Helko, plus the head is ever before so slightly larger.

Getting back to the head, the Gransfors is only somewhat larger than the Helko, yet this small upgrade makes a massive distinction. You can take one strike hits with consistency and also of all the mauls we reviewed, this was the one I would maintain returning to time and again.

Weight 7.0 lbs

Material – Steel/Wooden Handle


How to store splitting maul correctly

To ensure a long service life of the tool, it is necessary to properly care for it and store it.

After use, you should wipe the steel parts with kerosene or a product based on it.

best wood splitting maul

To prevent corrosion processes, it is necessary to lubricate the blade with engine oil, this applies to periods of long-term storage of equipment, for example, in winter.

To care for the wooden handle, you can use special oil for wood.

If there is a leather case, it is better to store the weapon in it.

It is important to protect the tool from moisture, so keep it in a dry and warm place.

To make the tool last a long time, use it correctly.

Use only tightly impaled tools, do not throw them on the ground.

If there is a pause in the work, it is better to stick the best wood splitting maul in the tree or put it in the case.

Do not cut metal or stone objects, but use the product for its intended purpose.


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