Best orchid pots

best orchid pots

Orchids have become popular in our homes relatively recently, but have already firmly won a worthy place among other houseplants. The exquisite beauty of exotics from tropical forests attracts both Amateurs and professional gardeners.

There are thousands of varieties in nature, and only a small part of them have adapted to the ground since these plants mostly prefer to cling to tree trunks with their roots (epiphytes) and do without soil at all on stony ledges (lithophytes). These plants absorb moisture from the environment. Fed by wet bark and moss. The roots of the plant are thick, long, and have a spongy top layer, which provides absorption of moisture and nutrients. Therefore, when purchasing Phalaenopsis home, keep in mind that the Orchid pot will differ from other, familiar flower orchid pots in size, shape, and filler (substrate). Orchid pots are filled mainly with specially treated pine bark and moss. This substrate does not retain too much water, but after being saturated with moisture, it gradually gives it to the plant.

best orchid pots

How to choose the best pot for orchids

Best pots for orchids can be made of different materials, but they must all provide:

* Good drainage, as epiphytes and lithophytes, which include Phalaenopsis, do not tolerate excess moisture and can die if waterlogged;

* Safety when removing the plant from the pot. The Orchid has a voluminous root system, the rhizomes are long and juicy. If handled carelessly, you can easily damage them, which will lead to deterioration of the plant and even death;

* Active air circulation for roots and substrate in the pot. In the absence of aeration, the roots can rot and the plant will die;

* The temperature regime that is comfortable for an Orchid is different and depends on the species. Heat-loving people prefer not less than 18 degrees, but not higher than 32. For lovers of average temperatures 18-22, and the night maximum from +12 to +15 degrees;

So, the main needs of all types of orchids, including, can be called light (without direct sunlight), air (clean, moist, without dust), heat, a moderately moist substrate, and a proper vessel. Bright sunlight can leave burns on tender leaves and lead to dehydration of the leaf and death of the plant.


1. Best plastic orchid pots — CLEAR ORCHID POTS BY REPOTME

best orchid pots

This collection is perfect for orchid growers that aren’t certain what size to obtain, or those that have different-sized plants. You’ll get a pack of 8 pots, 2 of each dimension.
A lot of orchid cultivators including myself like clear plastic pots since you can conveniently check if the origins are obtaining root-bound to the pot.
Starting on top, the rim is enhanced to supply pot stability and also avoid your top-heavy orchid from tipping over. On the sides, you’ll find ports for maximum air circulation and root development. These ports are also suitably sized to make sure that your bark mix does not leave.
At the base, an adequate variety of drainage holes ought to stop waterlogging as well as root damages.
Measurements: 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches (D).
– Set consists of a series of sizes.
– Perfect for all orchid types, along with African Violets.
– Superb airflow.
– Clear plastic for simple surveillance of bark mix as well as root growth.
– UV-protected plastic so you can stay clear of charred roots.
– They’re made from plastic but they’re top quality.
– Includes totally free blossom spike clip and a plant tag where you can create your potting/repotting day.
– Readily available in 12 colors although the clear ones are the best.
– Water drainage saucers have not consisted of.

Slotted Clear Orchid Pots by rePotme – Growers Variety (8 pots – 2 Each of 3″, 4″, 5″, and also 6″).

  1. Ceramic orchid pots with holes – TRENDSPOT 5 INCH BLUE

    best orchid pots

    If you desire something a lot more visual, you could select ceramic pots. Look at this lovely glazed style. The elegant shade goes well with any kind of plant as well as residence design in case you have your orchid indoors.
    Along with its aesthetic shape, the lovely intermediary styles are in fact useful as well as likewise function as airflow holes. All-time low additionally has water drainage openings, as well as the pot comes with a cost-free dish.
    Dimensions: 4.25 (Base) 5.25 (D) 4.5 (H) inches.
    – Attractive layout.
    – Best for tiny orchids.
    – Handmade product.
    – Attractive cutouts for air blood circulation.
    – Connected dishes and openings supply good water drainage.
    – The dish is instead small and water might overspill. It’s finest to include a protective layer to the table or closet you have this in especially if you have your plant inside.
    – The producer’s sticker labels are hard to remove.

TRENDSPOT 5in Orchid Indoor Planter, 5 inch, Blue.

3. Orchid pots with holes – ELIT ORCHID

best orchid pots
Elit Orchid sells among the most effective clear orchid pots on the market. The pots are ultra-breathable with a style that allows correct air blood circulation as well as drain for the very best substrate wetness.
As mentioned earlier, picking to pot your orchids in clear plastic pots has numerous benefits. Primarily, they’re clear so you can see every little thing that’s happening with your plant. You can see if the roots are obtaining bound to the pot, or if your mix is obtaining too compacted or perhaps breaking down.
Additionally, being plastic, they’re extremely lightweight. You would certainly expect them to be lightweight however they’re in fact sturdy.
This collection includes four pieces and is available in three dimensions.
Dimensions: 4.5, 5.5, or 6.5 inches.
– Well-ventilated pots.
– Clear for root control.
– The all-time low is increased so it works out if/when you sit your pot in water.
– Resilient plastic.
– Some water drainage holes may call for punching out manually.
– The actual pots are not as clear plastic as in the photo; they have a white-ish cast or hue.

Orchid Pots with Holes Cymbidium Phalaenopsis Orchid Pot Indoor Clear Plastic Vanda Plant Pots Set 4 Load (5.5 inch).

4. Best slotted orchid pots – MKONO 7 INCH

best orchid pots

The most effective slotted orchid pots provide a boosted price of water and nutrient uptake. For slotted pots, I would certainly suggest taking a look at the Mkono.
This bundle includes a duo of inner and outer planters. Both feature openings in all-time low to allow for far better drainage. Although this is specifically made for the Orchid household, it will also house other common indoor plants.
So why the slotted sides? These allow for better aeration, which advertises the development of orchids. It additionally permits lateral roots to expand much better as well as disperse more consistently. They’re produced from premium PP plastic, which needs to make this hard-wearing.
Dimensions: 7.5 (W) x 6.75 (H) inches.
– Best for those looking for bigger planters.
– Enhances orientation.
– Challenging plastic.
– Each section can be used independently.
– Pots can be secured together.


– Consisted of water tray could be larger.

Mkono 7 Inch Plastic Orchid Pots Set with Openings as well as Mesh, 2 Inner and 2 Outer Plant Planters.

5. Orchid pots – LINK SOLAR
best orchid pots

These are just one of the most charitable sized pots on the marketplace and also among the very best mesh pots for orchids. The holes at the base provide excellent water drainage and also air movement for healthy and balanced root development.
They are ROHS-approved and also made from polypropylene (PP) product, plus these are anti-corrosive and warm immune. This means they need to last a long while.
The bundle has one internal web pot as well as an outer pot. The previous has multiple holes for additional air circulation, while the latter has just enough for drain near the bottom.
Measurements: 8 (Inner D) x 7 (H) inches.
– Reputable drain from the external pot.
– Internal pot tailored for better airflow.
– The outer pot is very simple to get rid of if you choose to do this throughout watering.
– ROHS-approved materials, meaning they don’t have any type of prohibited hazardous materials.
– The option of three shades (brown/white/black).
– Doesn’t consist of a water tray as well as due to the fact that the external pot likewise has drainage holes at the bottom, you actually require to provide your very own drain frying pan or saucer.


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