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hand cultivator tool

The garden hand cultivator is a universal garden tool necessary for loosening the ground between plantings. With it, it is easy to weed beds, remove weeds, unnecessary roots. The inventory is suitable for making depressions in the soil for planting seeds, helping to hoe potatoes and other crops. You can loosen the ground near the bushes, saturating the soil with oxygen or make depressions for watering.

This useful, yet simple device has been known since ancient times. The hand cultivator consists of a handle (handle) and a shovel. The iron sheet is attached to the handle at an angle of 70 to 90 degrees. Most often it is made in the form of a trapezoid. It can also be triangular or rectangular.

Almost everyone has a garden hand cultivator at the house. This is an indispensable tool when working with the ground. Experienced gardeners can have several varieties.

It is important how the tool lies in the hand, whether it is convenient to hold it. Now stores sell products with curved handles-according to reviews, when working with them, the tension in the back is reduced, but it’s all individual and you need to experience it for yourself.



Brand Gardening Tool Outdoor 
Composition Mini gardening tools. Small and light. Used in flower nursery, large potted plants, combing plow soil.

hand cultivator tool

Rubber & steel
There are 4 size:
Type-A 330x82mm,

Type-B 200x50mm

Type-C 140x90mm

Type-D 280x70mm


Brand Dewit 5-Tine Cultivator with Short Handle
Composition A good tool for cultivating tough soil and for quick garden jobs.

hand cultivator tool

Size: 35-Inch L x 3-Inch W x 35-Inch H; 05 lbs





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