Battling with Bindweeds

Battling with Bindweeds

Bindweeds or more commonly known as Morning Glory is one of the toughest and hardest weeds to kill as its root system can grow up to 9 feet below the ground. It is a common enough scenario to see this weed growing in the yard when you move in a new home and some appreciate their beautiful flowers but they can become invasive and no matter how much you trim down or attempt to kill it, it will keep on growing and growing.

This can be really frustrating especially when you’ve been removing the weeds for years now and you might feel that eradicating it is next to the impossible. However, there is a way for you to battle bindweeds but this means extending your patience just a little bit more. You might be surprised on how aggressive this weed can be as its root system will move, bend and twist around until it finds a solid structure that it will bind itself to.

Mowing the lawn won’t do much good in eradicating bindweeds because of its deep root system. Even when you pull it out they will keep on growing unless you kill its root system down below. Using herbicides is possible but you should think about its effects on the rest of the plants in your garden. So, how can you beat bindweeds?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to be as stubborn as this weed since you will be pulling it out for three years or so. You will need to do this every three weeks so the roots won’t have the chance to grow back. Cultivating your soil regularly will help kill off the bindweeds’ roots. Make sure that you use cultivation tools that can reach deep into the soil so you can cut off any roots left behind. Remember that even 2 inches of roots left behind can grow fast so you need to make sure that you’re quite thorough with your cultivating.

If you are planning on using herbicides, go with the glyphosphate herbicide or RoundUp as this can help eradicate the weed. However, make sure that when you spray this herbicide it should be away from your existing plants. This herbicide is absorbed by the foliage then move to the roots and flowers to kill it.

Bindweed may be a bit difficult to spot. Just look for weeds with leaves that are shaped like an arrow with flowers resembling that of a trumpet that come in white and pink colors.


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